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How I Learned to Use Twitter

I'm a manual reader; that is, I read manuals and help files when I'm getting started with new technology. So here's the first place I went when I was learning Twitter. From there, I clicked on "Getting Started" which took me to the Twitter Help Forums. After browsing around there, I googled "using Twitter to build your business" and bookmarked the search results.

After reading several articles there, I found some really useful sites that I use along with Twitter. To look for Twitter users by name, location, and their interests, I use Twellow.com, a really useful Twitter Yellow Pages. To track the growth of my followers, I love using Twitter Counter. (You can see it in action for The GP2 Project here. Tweetgrid provides an easy way to read tweets on several accounts or topics or at once. And when your following starts growing, Buzzom's TwitIn is useful for managing the size of your following easily.

If you have a cellphone that allows for downloading a Twitter app, I recommend downloading Echofon (formerly Twitterfon). I usually tweet solely from my iPhone using Echofon because it allows me to tweet from any of my Twitter accounts from the same app without logging in and out of my accounts every time I switch from one account to another. Echofon also makes a plug-in for the Firefox internet browser, but I rarely tweet from my laptop now.